“We Get It.”

For early-stage companies, a great hire has the ability to dramatically impact a company’s bottom-line where one bad hire can be down right catastrophic.  Dissero focuses on hires that will ultimately become the backbone of an organization that you can build successful teams around.

We are filling a significant void in the marketplace by delivering on critical VP, Director, and Manager level positions with a contingency-based recruiting model.  Ultimately, we provide the same level of service and high quality candidates as most retained firms, however with a much more flexible model that works for startups.

As Talent Scouts for the digital economy, our success is driven by our:

  • Meticulous focus on working with startups & high growth technology companies.
  • Ability to gauge talent and understand the characteristics that make up a top performer.
  • Years of experience building long standing relationships with both clients & candidates.  Yes… it is possible to actually enjoy working with a headhunter.

As operators of VentureFizz, the most popular web community focused on Boston’s entrepreneurial tech sector, we are fully immersed in the digital ecosystem.  We understand the challenges associated with getting technology ventures off the ground and can help you plan your talent acquisition strategy accordingly.

Delivery Capabilities

We focus on delivering VP, Director, and Manager level talent in the following areas:

Product Management

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Market Requirements


  • Engineering Leadership & Management
  • Architecture


  • Product Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Analytics
  • Marketing & Communications

Client Services

  • End to end delivery of product & services to customers
  • Client relationship management
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After spinning our wheels for months on a few key Product searches, we engaged Dissero.  Eric and Keith did an excellent job delivering high-quality, interested candidates who fit our requirements and our culture.  We have worked with many agencies; Dissero is top-of-the-heap when it comes to delivering results efficiently.  They’ll be our first call next time we have a tough search.

Matt Zisow, COO

“Keith and Eric possess a focus that is unmatched in the Boston tech community for product and marketing focused hires. We worked with their team to fulfill a very specific product profile that quite frankly would be difficult to find in our ecosystem. They helped us nab the most exemplary candidate that exists. Period. We are so pumped now to have not only a new, totally kick-ass co-worker alongside us, but an awesome talent finding duo in Keith and Eric. We plan on working with them for years to come for our recruiting needs. These guys rock and they make me very proud.”

Ryan Durkin, COO

“Dissero has been a valuable partner in sourcing several key senior members for our marketing, sales, and product teams.  They’re very effective at understanding our needs and culture, and they make the interview process efficient by sending us highly qualified candidates.  They also provide helpful assistance throughout the process of closing candidates and ensuring a successful transition into the business.”

Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder & CEO

“Dissero empowered us to recruit high quality critical hires without taking too much time away from running our business. Their services are invaluable for any start-up going through a hyper growth phase.”

Hayley Barna, Co-Founder

“Dissero is an exceptional recruiting partner which operates with the highest level of integrity and values.  WordStream relies on Dissero for filling many of our most critical and strategic roles including a recent successful search for a VP of Product.  Without fail, every candidate we see has been well vetted and meets the core requirements of the role, and most importantly is a great culture fit for our company.”

Ralph Folz, CEO
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“On one hand, of course, you’re joining a startup for the upside.  Not just financial upside, but also the upside of making an impact in an organization, working in small teams with other exceptional people, involvement with cutting-edge technology, and working with other motivated people.”

David Beisel, NextView Ventures
Blog: GenuineVC

“It’s all about the team – The first 25 hires at a startup are CRITICAL! They will set your culture. They will be the reason you reach (or fail to reach) your milestones. They will be responsible for hiring everyone else.”

Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital
Blog: Redeye VC

“The difference between an A team and an A+ team is the difference between a million in revenue and a billion in revenue.”

Paul English - Founder & CTO, Kayak
Quote from an blog post

“Startups don’t succeed with people who deliver at a minimum acceptable level. “

Eric Paley, Founder Collective
Blog: Anything's Possible

“People and Product are the two most important things a company has.”

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Blog: AVC