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5 Tips to Recruit a Star Candidate

You know the scenario: You have a mission-critical position open at your company, and the right candidate has been impossible to find. You might be looking for the head of product with specific industry experience, the sales person who blows … Read the entry


Hiring Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

You’re a first-time entrepreneur. You have an idea that will change the world and you have been fortunate to find an investor to fund it. Now you’re faced with your biggest challenge yet. How are you going to recruit people … Read the entry

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The Truth About Your Next Hire

Checking references is a normal part of the hiring process.  Although they are meaningful, it is unlikely that a candidate is going to give you a set of references that don’t speak highly about their performance.  So, you ultimately need … Read the entry

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Why Your Start-up Needs an Engineering Blog

As a tech startup, you’ll need all the help you can get to attract software engineers and web developer talent. You need to somehow differentiate yourself from all the other companies out there looking to hire the same profile, not … Read the entry